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Say Farewell to Your Frown with Xeomin

We all expect to see a few lines and wrinkles on our skin at some point. That doesn’t mean that certain wrinkles don’t bother us. For many people, the most concerning creases are those that develop between the eyebrows. Glabellar lines, or frown lines, are the result of aging but they do a lot more than make us look older. Frown lines make us look angry. They can make us look unfriendly and may inhibit authentic social and professional interactions. It is possible to say farewell to frown lines. In our Spring Lake office, patients can choose to do so with Botox or with Xeomin. Here, we discuss why Xeomin is becoming a popular option.

What is Xeomin?

Frown lines aren’t merely the result of aging skin. We get these lines because of the frequent use of the muscles at the center of the lower forehead. When we squint or frown at all, the same muscles contract. As with any muscle in the body, the continual contraction of these muscles leads to toning. Just like toned abdominal muscles can etch the stomach, toned forehead muscles can create contours between the eyebrows. Xeomin can correct this.

Xeomin is an FDA-approved drug that is classified as a neurotoxin, neuromodulator, or wrinkle-reducer. The basis of this cosmetic treatment is the action that purified botulinum toxin type A has on muscles. As a muscle-relaxer, the botulinum toxin provides substantial efficacy in the treatment of muscular disorders. In much lower doses, this ingredient can relax the small muscles between the eyebrows to smooth permanent dynamic lines. It works by inhibiting the release of a neurotransmitter that is responsible for making muscles contract. When injected, the targeted muscle relaxes for three to six months.

How Xeomin Differs from Botox

Seeing Xeomin as just another Botox, many people may instinctively choose the more well-known product. There are differences between the two drugs that may affect the outcome of treatment. Making the best choice means making one that is well-informed. Though both drugs inhibit muscle contractions by inserting botulinum toxin type A into muscle tissue, Botox also introduces accessory proteins. These proteins may contribute to the risk of an allergic response after treatment. The response occurs as a result of antibody formation. With Xeomin, this risk may be decreased because there are no proteins included in the solution, only purified botulinum toxin.

Xeomin has been clinically proven to achieve comparable results to Botox and provides adults with the opportunity to see how much younger and friendlier they look without frown lines and other wrinkles. Learn more about Xeomin and what it can do for you. Call (732) 449-0167 to schedule a consultation at our Spring Lake office.

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