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Rejuvenate Your Skin In Monmouth County, NJ

The skin is under attack from all sides. The sun damages it every time we step outdoors. Stress impacts it every time the boss yells at us. And aging takes its own inevitable toll. Even the healthiest person loses the youthful glow that is the hallmark of younger skin.


This is why you should consider skin rejuvenation at our Monmouth County practice.

To combat all of this skin damage, Dr. LoBuono uses the Syneron elōs Plus system to offer various skin rejuvenation procedures.

What problems do these procedures address?

This elōs technology can be used to effectively address conditions such as

  • hyperpigmentation
  • rosacea
  • age spots
  • sun spots

Other facets of the technology can be employed on fine lines around the eyes and nose, and deeper folds on the forehead. It can also tighten the loose, saggy skin around the neck and jaw.

How is the elōs plus system different?

The elōs technology is different from other procedures that deliver energy into the dermis layer of the skin (the layer beneath the epidermis). How? Rather than using a single energy source, say soundwaves, the elōs system combines both laser/light energy with bi-polar radio frequency energy. This combination allows deeper access into the dermis, creating more of a response from the body. What is that response? To produce new collagen. Collagen, along with elastin, are the support structures of the skin, creating the plump, firm skin associated with youth.

What can I expect from a skin rejuvenation procedure?

Results are immediate, and continue to improve as collagen is produced. For cases of rosacea and other pigmentation issues, results will be noticeable after about a month. A series of 20- to 30-minute treatments is recommended by Dr. LoBuono for the best results. The number of treatments depends on the condition of your skin, but the typical number is five.

Are there side effects and recovery time?

You may experience some redness on the treated areas, but that will pass within a day. Patients can usually return to their normal activities immediately after treatment.

The Science Behind Skin Rejuvenation

AHAs (Alpha – hydroxy Acids) should be a staple in a person’s skincare. It gently removes dead skincells revealing smoother skin, decreasing pore size, hydrates the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin. As a bonus, AHA reduces fine lines and wrinkles. While the main purpose of AHAs is to exfoliate the outer layer of the epidermis, it has been shown to contribute to the recovery of photo-damaged skin.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are extensively used in targeted skincare. They are the most widely used ingredients in chemical peels. They have also become popular agents for anti-aging and hyper-pigmentation. In recent years, Poly-hydroxy acids (PHA) have been introduced as a less irritating alternative for patients with sensitive skin.

While AHAs are among the most proven active agents in skincare, it is important to remember that they will not reverse deep lines and wrinkles. AHAs are good for superficial wrinkles where they remove a few outer layers of skin. This action reveals the younger skin underneath improving tone and texture..

All AHAs have proven to be tolerable in all skin types, but for sensitive skin and post procedural care, Poly-hydroxy Acids (PHAs) are often used. PHAs are in the AHA family but have more water attracting hydroxyl groups on the molecule. Thus PHAs can be more moisturizing.

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