Changing Seasons Affect your Skin Care Routine

“The only constant is change.”

It’s a saying with which most of us are familiar. We know that life changes on a day to day basis; that there is no way we can guarantee an existence without the occasional surprise. Still, our subconscious quest for certainty often leads us into a rut. We use the same products and basic routine for years, and then wake up one day and wonder how our skin got so old.

The time to think about your skin care is now, not when lines and wrinkles are an obvious concern. Patients of our Spring Lake general and cosmetic dermatology office are supported in their efforts to maintain healthy, glowing skin no matter what their starting point. Here, we want to touch on how the changing seasons provide you an excellent opportunity to switch up your skin care routine.

Winter Woes

As the winter temperatures have dropped, your skin is most likely responding. Only you can notice these changes, which could turn to cries for help if subtle signs are not noticed. The main challenge of winter is the dryness of the air. The outside air is dryer thanks to falling digits. The air inside gets dryer, as well, when we heat it. In combination, these two factors deplete the lipid layer that provides a barrier between skin and the environment. On top of that, most people instinctively wash their hands more during the winter months, or use hand sanitizer. More drying! To combat the winter woes, change up your product line to include richer formulations of body wash and creams with emollients such as shea butter or lanolin. Sealing in moisture is vital to protecting skin from damage and premature aging.

That Summertime Sizzle

As we move closer to summer, we will discuss the value of a good, broad-spectrum sunscreen. The harshness of UV rays is the primary culprit of summer skin damage. There are several ways to mitigate risks, such as daily sunscreen use and wearing wide-brimmed hats when out in the sun.

We support our patients in the management of their most attractive, healthy skin. To schedule professional care from your Spring Lake dermatologist, call (732) 449-0167.

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