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Addressing the Unique Changes in Aging Skin: Part II

Knowledge is power. This statement can be true in numerous different situations, including how you address aging skin. The more you know about the ways your skin and face may change with age, and why, the more capable you are of managing your beauty regimen adequately. In a recent post, we discussed one of the three critical aspects of aging, the development of dynamic wrinkles. Here, we move on to the second: volume loss.

What Volume Loss Looks Like

The skin is not the only part of the face and body to show the signs of aging. It is the skin that we notice, though, because it is the outermost part of our being. At some point, most of us find ourselves looking in the mirror and using our fingers to pull the skin up and back over the cheekbones. Doing this, we see more contouring in the midface and less sagging at the jawline. If you’ve done this and found yourself thinking, “if only it could stay this way,” you’re experiencing the effects of volume loss.

Beneath the dermis are subcutaneous structures that “pad” the cheekbones and area under the eyes. The fat pads that live here act as a scaffolding for the skin. With age, fatty tissue in the midface begins to deteriorate. The loss of these structures allows the skin to slump downward. We may see hollows under the eyes or, conversely, puffiness that is exacerbated by the flattening of the upper cheeks. The lack of volume in the midface is also what is responsible for the creases the form around the nose and mouth.

How to Manage Volume Loss

It used to be common to undergo facelift surgery as a corrective measure for facial aging. Over time, we’ve learned that this may not be sufficient, especially when dealing with volume loss. The primary ways that volume is restored today include replacement and regrowth.

Volume replacement is often achieved with dermal fillers like Restylane and Radiesse. This technique inserts biological substances such as hyaluronic acid into the dermis where particles bind to water molecules. This marriage of the two increases the plumpness of the tissue beneath the epidermis, beautifully rounding out cheeks, lips, and lines.

It may seem difficult to regrow volume naturally. It’s actually quite simple. One way to do this is with the body’s own fat. Fat transfer treatment has become more popular in recent years, but it may not be right for everyone. The procedure is surgical; it requires minor liposuction. It is also somewhat unpredictable. Easier alternatives include microneedling and Sublime skin contouring treatments. Each stimulates the ongoing production of collagen, leading to tighter, smoother, plumper skin.

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